Silver Linings Playbooks

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”, Dicken’s famously insightful line from ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ once again rings especially true during this time of Covid-19 pandemic. Results from the restrictions and circumstances left some devastated and some seemingly doing better than ever. Tech focused businesses providing services and/or products required for remote communication and work, saw tremendous increases in demand. Their stock values soared. Zoom, Microsoft, Apple, DocuSign and Peleton – to name a few – benefitted from the increased need for their products.

Even businesses that initially struggled, such as grocers (with supply chain and tech issues) and Airbnb (with large overseas travel cancellations), eventually realized gains, but their path wasn't as easy. Those who had already started laying the groundwork for online ordering and deliveries recovered the fastest. Businesses like restaurants who provide more intangible benefits such as atmosphere, location, scenery, a chance to 'get out', had to work harder to create outdoor dining and delivery options.

The enduring need to be flexible, to be willing and able, to not only plan for many possible contingencies, but to be able to pivot and evolve- remains truer than ever. We can never stop learning and adjusting to meet not only our own owner/staff needs, but those vital customers, clients and donors who keep our business and organizations going and growing.

As we welcome 2021, relieved and happy as we should be to see that mass vaccinations can bring an end to morbidity, mortality and to the pandemic restrictions, here’s remembering the need to continually adjust to changing circumstances.

Happy New Year, 365 (and more) chances for new beginnings.

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